Penis Extenders from Amazon May Be Cheaper But Are Often Useless

penis-extender-amazonSo you’re shopping online for a penis extender. First stop Amazon, you see a few devices and get an idea of pricing. Great. Before making your purchase, you visit X4 Labs official website. Wait a minute, how come Amazon’s penis extenders are so much cheaper?

The answer is simple. More often than not they are cheaply made knockoffs made to take your money and run. The penile traction therapy devices that you find on sites like Amazon are often stripped down and include no customizability. What that means is that while you might be paying less, you are getting a virtually useless piece of plastic.

In general, when it comes to products, cheaper isn’t always better. While you may save a few dollars when you buy, it could end up costing you a lot more in the long run. Penis stretchers are no different. As a matter of fact, because they are medical devices, making sure you get a high quality device is even more important. Remember these are devices you will be wearing on your actual penis. Using a cheap unbranded device can not only not get you the results you are looking for, but can even cause unneeded injury.

Another thing to keep in mind is that penis extenders sold on sites like Amazon are sold by users, not the companies themselves. This means you will have no money back guarantee, no product warranty and certainly no post-sale user support you can call on.

When I first started looking for a penile traction device, I ended up buying a cheap unbranded model from a random website. I looked at the device, and to my untrained eye, it looked the same as the more expensive ones. But now I can tell you first hand that it was a mistake. Since being in the field I see all the differences the products have.


X4 Labs Penis Extenders include a number of customization features that really no other extenders have. They include various straps and foams to ensure as many men as possible can experience comfortable penis enlargement. The money back guarantee, product warranty and excellent customer service makes this a better value than other device on the market. Also take into account the exclusive add-ons that X4 Labs offers. Such as the wide girth base, which not only ensures that men with thicker than average will fit in an extender comfortably, but also ensures that you will continue to fit in it, even as your penis gets thicker.

Bottom line, if you’re really serious about giving penis enlargement via penile traction therapy a chance, then don’t bother trying to be a penny pincher. Sure you may save some money off the bat, but will end up either being left with nothing, or having to buy a proper device down the line like I did. Truth is, X4 labs is celebrating its 10 Year Anniversary and their prices have never been so low and competitive. They also offer free shipping to the United States and even Canada. There devices are all backed by an iron clad 6 month money back guarantee, so basically you have nothing to lose, and if you use the device as directed, you have quite a bit of length and girth to gain!