X4 Labs Anniversary Ultra Edition: Hands Down the Most Complete Penile Traction Therapy Device Ever Assembled

penis-extender-device-ultraThere is no doubt about it, X4 Labs have been designing and manufacturing the most effective penis extenders on the market since the company first entered the scene. Their reputation speaks for itself, and this year marks their 10th anniversary.

I spoke with a representative, and he told me that they wanted to offer users something really special to commemorate this occasion. Enter the X4 Labs Anniversary Ultra Edition!

First things first, it breaks the mould in appearance. Rather than the usual white versions we are accustomed to seeing X4 Labs penis extenders in, the Anniversary Ultra Edition is X4 Labs brand blue. But it isn’t just the color that makes this device so special. It is what it can do. There are no upgrades with this device. That means you get every X4 Labs ever innovation included with it, all at one incredibly affordable price. Under $300 shipped. Yes, that means you will get their revolutionary Quad Support Piece and Wide Girth Base, both in limited edition blue.


In addition it includes everything you need to clean and maintain your device, a branded measuring tape to track your progress, a PenisAccess Exercise Tutorial DVD and even a Penis Pump. It is made to fit all sizes and shapes between 1 to 13.5 inches. It features all 3 types of fasteners (Silicone Harnesses, Comfort Straps and Ultra-Fit Velcro) and even includes a ton of memory foam to ensure you have what you need to meet your enlargement goals head-on and with unparalleled comfort.

We wanted to offer our customers something special this year. So our whole team got together and discussed how we can offer users better penis enlargement results, more comfort, more customization, more everything. We have already been leading the market and wanted to set the bar even higher. I think we accomplished what we set out to do with this offering.

That’s a direct quote from Adam Griffin. I spoke to him about the package and he told me that the reviews have been stellar. He did send 2 Anniversary Ultra Editions to us, and I’ve personally had a chance to have a look and try it out. It is unlike anything we have ever seen here, and we have tried pretty much every device on the market.

If you have been thinking about using a penile traction therapy device for enlargement of even straightening but have been waiting for the right device to come along… wait no longer. Head on over to X4 Labs official website and order one.

This is an extremely limited time offering and is already their absolute best seller. They have stressed to us that once they sell out, they will no longer offer this edition.