Penis Enlargement Forum: Penis Extender Buying Guide and Reviews

You have read the penile traction therapy studies, even seen the user results, now you want to buy a penis stretcher but which one is best for you? Today we will outline the differences between the extenders in the X4 Labs product line and help you decide.

Buying a penis extender is simple as can be, but choosing the right one is crucial to your enlargement success. Below you will find a review of each extender edition X4 Labs offers and a breakdown of some of the key features.

Starter Edition Penis Extender

The X4 Labs penis enlargement line has 4 different extenders in it. The Starter Edition is quite affordable, but you need to factor in certain things. It has by far the lowest tension, so upgrading to maximum tension is a good idea. Often as users get more used to the therapy they choose to gradually increase the tension. Having higher tension is great because you can actually lower and increase it as much as you want.

The Starter Edition also has a limited amount of bars, which makes adjusting the size as you grow more difficult. As results roll in, many users need to order more bars down the road. After all, that is why it is called a Starter.

Like all the other enlargement stretchers, it includes the Hybrid Support System by default. While the Hybrid Support is a great, featuring 2 types of slots, upgrading to the InfiniteFitQuad Support vastly improves the customization of the Starter and is strongly recommended. For those with smaller penis sizes (or micropenis) the Quad or Mini support is required for a proper fit.

Overall the Starter is great to get your feet wet, but in the long run, users should opt for the Deluxe or Premium.

Deluxe Edition Penis Extender

The Deluxe Edition is extremely popular among users looking for a good value and a great price. Much like the Starter Edition, it includes the Hybrid Support by default with an option to upgrade to the InfiniteFit Quad Support. What makes it superior to the Starter is the sheer amount of bars included (a full set). This allows users to adjust to any size they choose as their penises grow in width and girth.

Furthermore it also features higher tension than the Starter Edition. An effective 2100 grams of maximum tension. It also includes 2 addition straps and silicone tubes and 2 additional long and short foams.

Bottom line is those looking to save money but still have an effective enlargement device, look no further. The Deluxe Edition is your package. You will have everything you need to achieve the before and after enlargement results that you want.

Premium Edition Penis Extender

This package literally has it all. Stocked with all the foams and straps you will need for the ideal configuration. Buying this extender with the InfiniteFit Quad Support means you will likely never need to buy anything for penis enlargement ever again. I actually find this extender to be the best overall value because of that. You get 6 of each strap, 6 of each foam, a full set of extension bars and even the PenisAccess Membership DVD.

With this stretcher you can really fiddle around with all the items and find true comfort. This enables you to wear your device longer, which speeds up results. Penile traction therapy is all about finding the perfect fit for your individual penis shape and size and the Premium Edition allows you to do just that.

At the end of the day, if you’re looking for the most effective penis extender on the market with all the bells and whistles and even a handy DVD that helps you augment results with easy to do penis exercises then you want the Premium Edition.

Gold Luxury Edition Penis Extender

Last but far from least is the flagship Gold Luxury Edition. For those who don’t want to compromise when it comes to their prized possession. Everything that the Premium Edition offers in terms of customization and more. More bars, more straps and more foams. All included in a beautiful leather bound X4 Labs branded box with a luxurious Velvet interior. And the best part? The gold trim of course. All the bars included come with X4 Labs signature Gold Plated Extender Rods.

Want even more reason to buy the Gold Luxury? Well that is simple. It is the only extender edition that includes the X4 Labs Wide Girth Base by default. This base is for men with more than 6.5 inches penile circumference. Which mean as your girth grows along with your length, you will be able to switch out for a wider configuration. It also includes the highest tension springs, which means you can increase the tension as you grow more used to the therapy. Another way X4 Labs is hands down the most customizable device available.

It is also the only extender backed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Unbelievable. If any part is damaged over the course of your therapy, all you have to do is call in to customer support and they will send you out a brand new replacement piece free of charge.

If you want the very best penis enlargement device ever assembled. One backed by over 10 years of in-house clinical trials and product development that is sure to give you the greatest results possible, then do yourself a favor and pick up the Gold Luxury Edition. You will not be sorry.

The Conclusion

Each and every X4 Labs Penis Extender has its purpose depending on what you are looking for. When used correctly they will all over you fantastic enlargement results and even increase blood flow to your penis (lack of blood flow is a common cause of erectile dysfunction). We have an entire forum section set up for users to exchange friendly advice and get the most out of their extenders. The sooner you start stretching the sooner you will achieve the gains you are looking for.