Penis Extender: Silicone Noose VS Comfort Strap

Introduction to the Debate

penis-extender-comfort-strap-silicone-nooseWhen it comes to choosing a quality penis extender you want to know that it is a good fit. Think about it, you can’t exactly try it on. That’s why the most reputable penis stretcher brands tend to offer users various fasteners to choose from. This goes a long way in ensuring you will be able to wear your device.

Remember everyone’s penis is different in shape and size. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to penis extender fastening and any brand that tells you different is misleading you. Then you also have to consider the fact that two men with similar penises may prefer different configurations due to personal preference. Generally every major penile traction therapy device on the market offers two types of fasteners (some of the better ones even offer a 3rd). The first is the Silicone Noose, also often referred to as a Silicone Tube or Silicone Strap. The second is the Comfort Strap. So what is the difference? And what should you look for when buying a penis extender?


Silicone Noose Fasteners

penis-extender-silicone-tubeThe most common method of penis extender device fastening without a doubt is the Silicone Noose method. With good reason. The Silicone Tube is often the preferred method for most men. It is really simple, the two ends of the tube pass through the two support holes on the support on the support piece and presto, the extender is on! But wait, there has to be more to it than that right? Yes, there is. Under no circumstances should you ever buy or wear a penis extender that does not have a track to tuck the tubing into underneath the support piece. You don’t want the ends of the Nooses hanging out of the bottom of the extender. This means the configuration won’t ever feel solid. The nooses will always feel like they are slipping out. If you think that Silicone Nooses will be your preferred fastening method then MAKE SURE there are two tracks underneath the support piece to hold the tubes snug in place.

Having the tube directly against your penis can cause unwanted friction. The fix for this is to use a foam insulation around the tube. The best type of foam insulation of course is memory foam. Memory foam is called “memory” foam for a reason after all. Often the foam will get squished when you fasten the extender on, memory foam means it will immediately expand back to normal shape when you remove it. This ensures you will get more use out of it. Be weary of companies that don’t offer Memory Foam pads for their tubing. Regular foam is only good for a limited amount of usage. Now that doesn’t mean a Memory Foam will last forever either. You’ll do yourself well to look for a package that has multiple foams included so that you can get a fresh when in after a while.

The down side to using a Silicone Noose is simple; many users report that it cuts off circulation more than other types of fasteners. This means you will have to take more periodic recovery breaks during penile traction therapy sessions. At the end of the day though, this is an extremely efficient method of fastening the extender device on your penis when going for enlargement gains or curvature correction, which is precisely why it is so common. Keep in mind, that in order to reduce slippage you need to fasten the tubes on tightly, which will more than likely cut off circulation after a while.

Comfort Strap Fasteners

penis-extender-comfort-strapThe top extenders ever developed have slots on the support piece for Comfort Straps. Comfort Straps are usually ribbed along the sides to allow then to fit around penises with a variety of girths. These should fit into the slot tightly for a snug fit. However this also means that the strap will not be so easy to remove. The best designed straps have two tabs at the top to make them easy to pull out when you therapy session is over.

What makes Comfort Straps so good? It is simple; since the surface of the strap is wider, it limits slippage and really does a great job in securing the extender onto your penis. Silicone Nooses are thinner, so they are far more prone to cut off circulation than a well-designed Comfort Strap. The only down side to using a Comfort Strap is since they are so wide, they tend to be more stuffy than a thin tube. It is a fair trade off, because with a Comfort Strap you can wear your device longer without a break. Longer, and more constant usage, means faster and better results when increasing length and girth of you penis. This also helps a lot with penis straightening. Keeping your penis straight and in place is what it is all about when treating Peyronie’s Disease with penile traction therapy.

Similar to the Silicone Noose, Comfort Straps are best used with state-of-the-art memory foam insulation for comfort and maximum breathability. The foams for Comfort Straps is usually shorter and fits around the circumference of you penile shaft as opposed to around the fastener itself.

Although you will feel the Comfort Strap along more of the surface of you penis than you will the tubing method, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. A quality Comfort Strap can really give you that edge to get the best results. By rule of thumb avoid any extender that doesn’t have clots on the support piece for the option to fasten Comfort Straps on. Anyone serious about penile traction therapy that wants to get bigger or straighter needs to try this method.


So Which is Better?

The answer to this is simple; try them both and decide for yourself! Don’t let any penis extender brand tell you which way is better or which way YOU prefer. That is your choice and the only way you will know for sure is not by researching or reading articles with a bunch of people telling you which is better. The only way to find out which is better is to experience both. That is why while overall more penis extender devices look the same to the untrained eye, they are not. Look for one that includes EVERYTHING in the list below. Before buying, call them, email them this list. It is the only way to guarantee you will be getting the best fit for your penis.

  • A support piece with two holes in it to fit Silicone Nooses as well as two slots for Comfort Straps!
  • An extender device that includes BOTH Silicone Tubes AND Comfort Straps.
  • A support piece that a track underneath it to secure Silicone Tubes in place and limit slippage. You DON’T want tubes dangling and slipping out!
  • Always go for a package that has the MOST memory foams possible! Ensuring you will be able to use fresh foams periodically
  • A high quality Comfort Strap that has tabs on top so you can easily pull it out of the support piece when your therapy session is done.

What? Wait. I Can Use Both at the Same Time?

x4-labs-quad-supportThe answer to that is YES. You can use both at the same time. Since opening for business over 10 years ago, X4 Labs has always done their best to revolutionize the penile traction therapy market through innovation. One of their greatest innovations is the Quad Support piece. This has enabled users to use both the Comfort Strap and Silicone Noose at the same time! One of your choice in the front of the support piece and one of your choice in the back. This upgrade makes all the difference for all kinds of users. For those with curvature looking for straightening it holds your shaft straighter, for those treating micro-penis it allows you to reach the support slots, for those looking for enlargement it offers more stability and virtually eliminates all slippage. There is nothing like this on the market, and if you want to be 100% sure you will be able to fit in and use the device, you should upgrade to the InfiniteFit Quad Support System when you buy your penis extender.


There may be a lot of different extenders on the market, but not all are created equal. You need to educate yourself or face the consequences. If you don’t buy the right device you could end up with a completely useless device. To avoid this, stick with reputable brands that meet all the standards listed above. Do NOT compromise to save a buck, it will likely only end up costing you more in the end. Be weary of brands that tell you either fastener is superior because it all comes down to personal preference. Be mindful and examine the extender support piece, ask questions about it. Make sure that the support piece supports as many types of fasteners as possible. I hope this article helps, happy enlarging everyone!