X4 Labs Starter Edition Penis Extender Review

X4 Labs Starter Review Introduction

As it heads into a decade, X4 labs, now 10 years old, is always setting new standards in the penile traction therapy industry.

Take the X4 labs Starter Edition, the company’s basic and least expensive product that they have to offer. As you might expect from a package called the Starter Edition, it comes with the basic needs to get your foot in the door with penile traction therapy. That being said, the starter edition is basic to X4 labs, but not so basic in comparison with the competitive market. The Starter Edition is on level with most mid-tier competitor extenders.


Penis Extender Features

Expressing the biggest difference isn’t even with how much more you get with X4 labs products, it’s in the quality of the extender and accessories itself. We are all different shapes and sizes aren’t we?  X4 Labs recognizes that, so they offer multiple ways to wear the device to ensure maximum results and comfort. Whether you want to lock the device with straps or fasten it with nooses, you will be able to find which method best suits you.

The Starter Edition comes with 2700 GRAM Spring Tension, which puts competitor’s entry level extenders to shame.  You get 2 Straps and Nooses with foams to go with each, which doubles opponent’s quantities.

Penis Enlargement Forum Ratings
Medical Safety Grade 10 Meets Medical Grade Evaluation
Conclusive Results 7 Basic Spring Tension
Comfort & Convenience 9.5 Customization Fits All
Price & Value 7 Cheap Price
Innovation 8 Different Methods of Wear
Overall Quality 9.5 Made in North America
Confidentiality 9.5 Package Is Very Discreet
Customer Service 10 Fast and Efficient
Warranty & Guarantee 7 1 Year Warranty
Shipping 10 Fast and Accurate

With straps being made from 100% medical grade silicone, it’s obvious what to determine with the quality , slits running along them to be able to personalize your exact fit, top of the straps have double the size nobs, to ensure you will be able to take the product off with ease.

What’s the Difference?

Have you seen the noose method before on other penis extenders? What is so different about X4 labs noose method for the others? The silicone replicates the straps with being constructed of 100% silicone. The problem with rival brands noose method’s is the consistency with slippage, X4 labs extenders all have slits at the bottom of the extender to lock the noose in , which enforces there being nil chance of slippage.

We all want to upgrade our bed to memory foam, but it’s pretty expensive. We have seen those commercials with the glass of water on one side and the happy Samaritan jumping on the other side, without the glass falling.  X4 labs pioneered that concept with medical grade memory foam for their devices. You can squeeze that foam as hard as you can, then open your hand, why does it look exactly like what it did originally? Because X4 labs ensure that the foam is actually memory foam, while the competitor’s foams are evidently cheap and delicate.

X4 Labs Starter Edition Pro’s

  • Inexpensive Price
  • Manufactured in North America
  • Multiple Ways Of Wear
  • Meets Medical Grade

X4 Labs Starter Edition Con’s

  • Bare essential of Accessories
  • Doesn’t include Infinite Quad Support
  • Doesn’t include Velcro Method
  • Basic Spring Tension

Comprehensive Review Conclusion

I would unquestionably recommend the Starter Edition to someone on a tighter budget that still wants to participate in Penile Traction Therapy.  If you are on a quest for accelerated results, I would recommend the Deluxe Edition which is assembled with a higher spring tension. The Deluxe Edition also comes with more Accessories, and that provides you with more stock along the journey.