X4 Labs Gold Luxury Edition Penis Extender Review

X4 Labs Gold Luxury Penis Extender Review Introduction

The Luxury Edition is the top model with all the bells and whistles X4 has to offers. Having being equipped with the highest spring tension and the largest sum of accessories, presenting you with the fastest results, and an abundance of additions to shield you with a wealthy sum of accessories for your entire pursuit of penile traction therapy and some more.

Observing the spring tension and quantity of accessories that are included in the Luxury Edition seems Ludicrous. You absolutely recognize that this is the most complete package in the industry, competitors don’t even come close.


Penis Extender Features

Having the highest spring tension of any extender on the market with 3600, it will meet expectations at an accelerated speed. Having a staggering 8 Comfort straps and 8 Silicone Nooses along with foams to go with each. Knowing everyone is unique in shape and size, X4 labs asserted this mindset into their product, leaving no chance of it not fitting.

Constructed with 100% medical grade silicon the comfort straps help form the image of quality behind X4 labs products. Having evenly placed slits running along the straps, you easily can identify the perfect fit. Flooded with many gimmick penis extenders on the market, they commonly share the trait of being hard to take off. X4 labs have added giant tabs at the top of the comfort strap, which creates an effortless struggle to take the extender off.

Penis Enlargement Forum Ratings
Medical Safety Grade 10 Medical Grade Materials
Conclusive Results 10 Maximum Spring Tension
Comfort & Convenience 10 Customization Fits All
Price & Value 9 Great Overall Value
Innovation 9.5 Multiple Methods of Wear
Overall Quality 10 Made in North America
Confidentiality 10 Package Is Very Discreet
Customer Service 10 Fast and Efficient
Warranty & Guarantee 10 Lifetime Warranty
Shipping 10 Fast and Accurate

Commonly the noose method is the generic method in penile traction therapy. Proceeding past the generic method, X4 labs has included latches on the base of all their models, which helps enable you to effortless secure the silicone noose in to prevent any form of slippage. Gimmick extenders lack the functionality of the latches, which causes many complications with slippage and irritation.

Including memory foam with every edition, X4 Labs provides you with an authentic feeling that this is a top of the line product. Squeezing the memory foam and constructing itself to its original shape, ensures that the foam is evidently memory foam. While competitors foam are constructed with cheap materials and seemingly poor quality.

What’s the Difference?

The Luxury Edition being comprised with the Velcro Method, is the only edition that is included with this option. Having 4 Velcro straps at your disposable really gives you the complete feeling of satisfaction and flexibility. X4 labs being the only brand that promotes the Velcro Straps, diminishes any chance of the device departing from your body.

Exclusively with the Luxury Edition you get a prestigious Black Velvet Box, presented with a functional option of organizing your extender, or including it with you along your travel ventures. Running your hand along the interior of the box notifies you that X4 Labs really progressed to the extra mile, making sure that they put the luxury into the edition and not just the name.

X4 Labs Gold Luxury Edition Pro’s

  • Quality and Quantity of Accessories
  • Multiple Ways to Wear
  • Discreet Package
  • Leather Bound Luxury Storage Case
  • Manufactured in North America
  • Medical Grade
  • Maximum Spring Tension

X4 Labs Gold Luxury Edition Con’s

  • Somewhat More Expensive
  • Doesn’t Include Infinite Quad Support

Comprehensive Review Conclusion

I would promote the Luxury Edition to consumers who want the most complete package on the market, consumers on a tight schedule, and patrons on consistent travels, since you will get the most accelerated results while storing it in a flourished box . With paying a little more than the Premium Edition it ensures you with all the bells and whistles, while keeping a stylish gold upscale flair.