Penis Extender Buyer’s Guide

Penis Extender Buyer’s Guide Introductionpenis-extender-buyers-guide

Just as with any other product, choosing the right penis extender for you can be easier said than done. The most important thing as a consumer is for you to understand what aspects of design and features differentiate each extender brand. Buying the wrong penile traction therapy device could cost you money, time and effort.

Measure Your Penis Size

The first thing you want to do, is take measurements of you penis. This is important to ensure that you will fit and thus be able to use your penis extender. Measure both the length and the girth. Do your research and make sure you will fit. Some men suffer from micro-penis and are very limited on the types of devices they can fit into.

Contact the Company Directly

You also want to be sure you can get user support if you have any questions. So it is a good idea to try contacting the company you are buying from and ask them any questions you may have. There are a lot of companies out there that are virtually unreachable. This can be frustrating to say the least. If you can’t get in touch with a brand representative within reasonable business hours, you probably shouldn’t be buying from them.

Penis Extender Device Versatility is the Key

Make sure that the extender you choose is versatile. This ensures that you will be able to customize your extender in a way that is comfortable for you personally. Don’t believe companies when they claim there is only one right way to wear the device. This is FALSE. What you want is a support piece that has both holes and slots on it. And you want the stretcher package to include a variety of straps and comfortable foams for insulation. A good support should fit men with larger penises and well as those with micropenis and offer good stability during usage. Slippage is very common with penile traction therapy. The best brands have designed their devices to virtually eliminate it. The question lots of people ask is; which is better, the comfort straps or silicone nooses. The answer is simple; it depends on the user. Always opt for the extender that has both, so you can decide who wins the results battle of strap versus noose for yourself by trying them both out.


Penile Traction Therapy Only Requires a Gentle Pull

Don’t be fooled by tension. The tension of your penile traction therapy device should be rarely if ever on a max tension setting. It often takes months and months of consistent usage to reach the max tension setting without being uncomfortable. Studies show that a max setting in the range of 2000 grams is all you need to be successful.

Your Penis Extender Should Enlarge with You

Next, the amount of bars included is important. Why? Because as you use your penis extender, you will be gaining in size. Adding extension bars to the device allows it to grown with your penis. Adding bars can also help with increasing tension. It is always best to choose a brand that offers numerous lengths of extension bars so you can make sure you can adjust your device to any length your choose.

The Difference Between Straightener and Enlarger Devices

Penile traction therapy devices aren’t just used as penis lengtheners, they were actually originally developed for Peyronies treatment. Peyronie’s Disease is when a penis is curved due to calcium plaque build up within the penile tissue. This type of bend in the penis can be very painful, especially during sex. Available treatments for bent penises are very limited outside of major surgery, so doctors often recommend penile traction therapy before surgery due to the high risk involved with going under the knife. It was only after patients participating in clinical studies reported gains in length and girth in addition to straightening that men looking for enlargement began to turn to them as well. Generally, devices branded or marketed to treat curved penis can be used for enlargement and visa versa. The main difference isn’t in design but in extras included. Most Peyronies Edition Penis Extenders include a Vitamin E Supplement which helps break down the plaque build-up during therapy but are otherwise essentially the same as other enlarger stretchers.

Make Sure Base Hole is Wide Enough for You

When choosing an extender, most people just verify that the length will fit them. But did you know that the girth of the base is just as important? Measure your penis girth and check to make sure that you will fit in the base without any serious friction against the sides. Most extender companies don’t offer a wider base for those with thick penises, but some do. Keep in mind that this type of traction therapy will also increase your girth over time, not just your length.

Warranty Goes Hand and Hand with Quality

It is very important that your device is covered by a warranty to ensure you won’t have to buy an entirely new device should something break or malfunction during use. Companies with a high quality product will most often offer the longest and most hassle-free product warranty. the same is true for penis extenders. Don’t be afraid to look into the warranty before buying.

Avoid Cheap Knockoffs at All Costs

Generally avoid penis extenders sold by users on Amazon or eBay. More often than not, these are cheap knockoffs of big brand extenders. They don’t have any kind of warranty or users support. Defects and malfunctions are very common since the quality control is next to zilch. The customization features are extremely limited as well. And you can forget about a warranty, these extenders tend to miss the mark on every feature you should be looking for. Remember, just because they look the same, doesn’t mean they are the same.

Balance Price with Quality

Finally, there is price. Lots of people think this is the most important factor there is. To those people I say you are far better off saving money for a quality device, then throwing money away on a cheap one. This is a device your will be using on your penis after all. Buying a device just because it is cheap can be even more expensive in the end because you will simply not be able to use it. And if you want to try penile traction therapy for penis enlargement, you will have to order another one. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look for a good deal. If you find a device with all the features mentioned above on sale or for a good price, more power to you.



Hope this helps all the men out these realize that not all penis extenders are created equally. Quality and customization is of the outmost importance to ensure the strongest before and after results possible. Also, please be advised that penis extender reviews or review sites are often owned and operated by the brands themselves. It is important you know what to look for when shopping rather than take someone else’s word for it posing as a reviewer. You are way better off searching for actual penis extender before and after pictures and clinical studies.

Penis lengthening with penile traction therapy is very possible if you buy the right device, use it correctly and stay committed to it. A few companies even guarantee user results, choose the right one and you will be well on your way to positive gains in length and girth!