Questions & Answers with X4 Labs’ Adam Griffin

x4-labs-penis-stretchers-penile-traction-therapy-devices-extendersRecently I got to conduct a phone interview with Adam Griffin of X4 Labs Penis Extenders. Prior to the interview, I went through a lot of forum posts and content from around the web to get a solid list of questions answered for us. I must say, he does have an answer for everything.

Adam has been with X4 Labs since the beginning. He actually started out as user support and has since played a big role in product development. If you are a penile traction therapy user or even looking to learn more about penis extenders, this interview is required reading!

Penis Enlargement Forum: Adam, I would like to start by giving our readers some insight about who you are, and what you do. You have been working at X4 Labs for a long time, 10 years or so. What would you say has been your biggest achievement since starting there?

Adam Griffin: Well, I have indeed been working here for just over 10 years. There is always something new to work on and I get to do a lot of different things, so I enjoy it. When I first started off working in customer support, the most common question I would get was “does it really work?” Now as time has gone on, penile traction therapy has become a lot more mainstream, and it feels great to be a part of that. Now, speaking with customer support the most common question is “how long will it take to work?” Which is refreshing to say the least.

PEF: That is actually on my list of questions. So lets get right to it. How long does it take for someone to get results using an X4 Labs device?

AG: That is a great question. The short answer is, that if the users wears the extender as directed for 3-6 hours per day, he can expect optimal results in 6 months. We learned this by running countless clinical studies in which we tracked users’ progress and usage. We also learned that everyone is different. Literally no two studies are the same. So the long answer is that it all depends on the user. There are simply too many variables to set an accurate timeline for results. A person’s physiology and extender configuration play a major role. One thing I can tell you, is all users who have participated in our clinical studies, and used their devices as directed, have seen positive gains. That is something we are very proud of.

PEF: So what is the best way for someone to configure their penis extender if they want the fastest and best results?

AG: The truth is, there is no “best way” to wear your penis stretcher that applies to everyone. And in the case of penile traction therapy you can often do more harm than good by trying to expedite results. Kind of like going to the gym and trying to get buffed up in the first week. You will only end up making yourself sore. The only thing you can do is use the highest tension possible but without compromising your comfort level. Comfort is the key. The more comfortable you are, the longer you will wear your stretcher. Then comes tension, the more tension you can have, the faster the results will show. It is all about balancing the two without losing any comfort.

PEF: Good answer. But how about when it comes to which straps and support to use? There are quite a lot of options which can confuse new users. Are any proven to have better results?

AG: That all boils down to preference. A new user should try different configurations to see which is the best for their shape and size. When it comes to support straps you are looking for a solid setup with little or no slippage. When it comes to eliminating slippage, in my opinion, the Ultra-Fit velcro Straps that are included with the Gold Luxury Edition and Quad Support are king. You can also order them separately if you want to check them out. As far as support goes, the Quad Support Piece is the best by far. It offers more surface area than anything else. Which helps make your setup about as solid as they come.

PEF: About the Quad Support, what is the main difference between that and the Mini-Support?

AG: There is not much a difference there. There used to be. But the designs are almost identical now. The difference is that the Quad Support add-on includes a bunch of other straps and foams which could come in handy.

PEF: What about the Peyronies Edition versus the Deluxe Edition? Or The Peyronie’s Pro versus the Gold Luxury Edition? Besides the Vitamin E Supplement, what’s the difference if any?

AG: Again, there is not much of a difference there. The Vitamin E Supplement is very potent and does help break down the plaque built up that causes a penis to bend. That makes the traction therapy that much more effective for treating curvature. But someone with Peyronies can opt to buy a standard penis enlargement extender if they don’t need or want the supplements for whatever reason, and still get the same great results. A lot of people don’t realize that the first penis extenders ever developed were to treat bent penis. It wasn’t until after people started using them as a penile straightening brace that they realized they were seeing gains in length and girth. Which is when people who didn’t have curvature started using them for enlargement.

PEF: Interesting. I often see X4 Labs referring to their penis extenders as penis stretchers and penile traction devices. What are they officially?

AG: Officially, the clinical name provided by doctors is penile traction therapy device. That doesn’t exactly have the same ring as penis extenders, which is the term used to market the devices more often than not. Then finally you have what I consider to be the most practical name which is penis stretcher, which makes a lot of sense. After all, the device does essentially stretch your penis.

PEF: True. I have noticed that most penis extender reviews online are totally skewed. How can a consumer find a proper and honest review?

AG: That answer is simple. Stick to doctors who are not payed in any way to endorse the product. More often than not review sites are just set up to drive traffic to the products they review. If you look at a good non-profit organization like the APDA (Association of Peyonies Disease Advocates) they mention X4 Labs in their treatment comparison chart, and rightfully show all the benefits and side-effects that come along with this type of therapy. They are not payed to do so. That is the biggest honor we can get. Also, truth be told, if all reviews were legit, we would likely always be #1. 

PEF: Funny. But all jokes aside, a lot of PEF users are always looking for before and after extender pictures. Does X4 Labs even plan on publishing before and after pictures for potential customers to review prior to opting for an X4 Labs device?

AG: Well, truth be told, we like to see ourselves as a serious and family friendly medical device company. Because those images are of the male genitalia, they are graphic by nature. We aren’t thrilled about the idea of spreading graphic photos of our users on the internet. We have a ton of photos from our clinical reviews which are impressive in terms of results. We do research them and compare them to treatment logs. But for the time being we do that in-house and use them to better our products.

PEF: Last question for today. Recently it has become more and more publicized that penile traction therapy can help users with erectile dysfunction. Is there any merit to this? And if so, what do you think is the connection between using a penis extender and experience longer, stronger and harder erections?

AG: I am glad you asked me this. If anyone out there has seen a Cialis commercial in their lifetime, then you know that a major cause of erectile dysfunction is lack of blood flow to the penis. As a matter of fact, most doctor prescribed medications do just that. Increase blood flow to the penis. Well, guess what? So does penis extender usage. By that logic they can and do help with erectile dysfunction. That being said we have not tracked this in any of our in-house clinical studies. But there are other studies that have, and the results seem very promising.

PEF: Adam, thank you on behalf of Penis Enlargement Forum for sharing your unmatched knowledge and expertise with us. I look forward to our next Q&A and will be armed with more questions from our users.

AG: Sounds good. Thanks for taking the time and happy extending everyone!

There you have it. Literally one of the nicest and knowledgable experts in penile traction therapy on earth. I hope we managed to answer some of your questions. If you have any questions you would like answered in regards to X4 Labs products in our next interview, I urge you to send a message to PEF Admin and we will handpick the best ones. Thanks for reading, and like Adam said, happy extending!