Polytherapy: Learn About Our Top 4 Penis Enlargement Methods

penis-enlargement-methodsThere are 2 things you should be looking for when you’re working towards penis enlargement results. First that it safe. We have all heard of penis enlargement horror stories in the news. Secondly that it works. Today I am going to try and shed some light on something that is becoming more and more popular in the penis enlargement world; Polytherapy.

Polytherapy just means using multiple methods in conjunction to achieve a result. You may have gone to a doctor in the past and had him prescribe multiple fixes for your issues. At the end of the day, did you care which one of them worked best or most and why? No. All you care is that it gave you the same benefit. The same tactic can be used for penis enlargement. Practicing multiple technics that don’t conflict with each other at the same time can really bolster your results. That is the main reason so many penis enlargement product companies include multiple penis enlargement methods in packages.

Male Enhancement Pills: Sinrex

For starters, the one thing you can do that requires very minor effort is take an all natural male enhancement product that promotes good health like Sinrex. Now many people may ask, how would a product that promotes penile health and counter erectile dysfunction increase the size of my penis? The answer is rather simple actually. Supplements like Sinrex are actually designed to increase the blood flow to your penis. This can really make the other 3 methods we will address today more effective. As a matter of fact, penile traction therapy users reported 10%-20% better results when they combined their device with a potent supplement.

Penis Exercises: PenisAccess

Another effective way one can work towards penis enlargement in a natural way is exercise. Yes, there are plenty of effective penis exercises. Companies like PenisAccess have gathered them all in easy instructional videos. They are rather easy to do, but like all exercises they require a commitment to have the desired effect. Many penis enlargement enthusiasts swear by them. If you are willing to put the time in day by day, this is widely regarded as a highly effective way to get results. Typical penile exercise regimen will likely take about 1 hour per day. The silver lining with this is that it is by far the most cost effective method we will review today.

Penis Pumps: X4 Labs

Next we have the infamous Penis Pump. Many people who have used pumps say that it does in fact enlarge their penis instantly but only for a short while. Meaning that penis pumps are often associated with penis enlargement results that are only temporary. While this may be true, and be enough to get lots of men using them on occasion, one thing that is a fact is that they help increase the blood flow to your penis. Just like taking a good male enhancement supplement, penis pumping regular can really expedite results from other penis enlargement methods. Generally we recommend that anyone using these other methods should also use a Penis Pump regular to increase and restore blood flow.

Penis Extenders: X4 Labs

Finally we have the most proven and effective way to increase your penis size. That is penile traction therapy with a Penis Extender (penis stretcher). It is exactly what it sounds like. Basically the tension from stretching your penis shaft over time will make it permanently bigger and thicker. Much like penis exercises, this method takes time and commitment so it is not for everyone. But if you think you can manage to wear one for at least 4 hours per day we strongly recommend it. This therapy is also known to help with erectile dysfunction. The results are not overnight but if you are serious about penis enlargement, this is the way to go.

Companies like X4 Labs have caught on to this polytherapy penis enlargement phenomenon after reviewing their own clinical studies. They have two limited edition Penis Extenders that include multiple penis enlargement methods including all 4 we have covered today. If you want to give polytherapy like this a try, we suggest you pick one up and track your results and share your experiences in our forum. Packages like this can really save you money in the long run. Rather than ordering products to try all these methods separately, you get them all in one great package.