Study Finds Many Men Decline Erectile Dysfunction Treatment but for Varying Reasons

erectile-dysfunction-studyA recent research study by a doctor named Dr. Kevin McVary appears to have revealed some rather shocking results. While most people tend to think that men with Erectile Dysfunction (impotence) actively pursue a cure, this particular study showed the exact opposite. Upon releasing his findings, Dr. McVary (who is chairman of SIU’s division of urology) was rather surprised by what he discovered.

“Many people would think every guy wants treatment. Not true,” said McVary. When subjects were asked for my details about why they are declining treatments the answers varied. Some had partners who were against it, some were without partners, some tried prescription pills but found them to be far too pricey and with too many side-affects attached.

McVary feels that a big reason for this is the cost of the pills, which generally retail for around $20 to $35 per pill. Furthermore, these types of ED medications are not covered by most health insurance plans. Because of the extremely high cost of pills, they offer a very limited amount to their plan-holders per year.

The good news is, there are alternatives for those who can’t afford pills like this. Sinrex (which is a potent all natural male enhancement pill) retails for under $1 per pill, and doesn’t come with all those nasty side-effect that more expensive pills do.

Another effective but affordable example of erectile disfunction treatment is to opt for a penile device. A simple penis pump can do wonders for a man’s libido and at most retail for a couple hundred dollars. Basically less than the cost of a dozen pills. And the pump is yours to keep and use whenever you choose. The same goes for penis extenders. We all know they can make your penis bigger over time, but they also increase the blood flow to your penis. Lack of blood flow to the penis is cited as the main cause of E.D.

Bottom line, if someone doesn’t want erectile dysfunction treatment because sex no longer interests him, that’s fine. But if it is because they can’t afford it because pharmaceutical companies have radically overpriced their product, and their insurance plan doesn’t cover it, there are other options out there. Options that are permanent, healthy, side-effect free and can be just as (if not even more) effective than a pill. Ask your doctor!