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Instagram Bans Eggplant Emoji Searches in Hopes to Squash Eggplant Fridays

Recently Instagram has begun making all web emojis searchable. Fantastic news for all right? All but eggplant enthusiasts that is. That’s right, Instagram has banned the eggplant from emoji searches. Searching for the fruit (yes it’s a fruit not a vegetable) emoji interestingly yields “no tags found”. But why? Well the answer is simple; fear of penis pictures overrunning their search. Yes, penis pictures. Eggplant is the emoji of choice for those posting pictures of penises on Instagram. It all started with an event called Eggplant Fridays. The weekly phenomenon entailed Instagram users taking pictures of their penises through their sweatpants to… Read More »

Penile Traction Therapy: Works for Enlargement and Curvature

Penile traction therapy has been around for quite a while but is just recently being recommended by more and more doctors. Originally the concept behind penile traction therapy devices was simple; it was theorized holding a bent penis straight over time would straighten it out. Much like a neck or leg brace does for a bone fracture. Simple enough right? Studies and user experiences show that it did just that. Many doctors and urologists caught on and began treating patients with Peyronie’s Disease with this type of therapy as a last resort prior to a risky surgery. The good news,… Read More »

Street Smarts: Artist Draws Attention to Potholes by Spray Painting Penises, Gets Them Repaired

Are you fed up with all the potholes that seem to pop up every Spring? Well there is nothing you can do about it but try your best to avoid them until they are repaired right? WRONG. A street artist going by the name of Wanksy (fitting name) decided to take matters into his own hands by spray painting huge penises on pesky pot-holes. The result; they were repaired immediately! Coincidence? I think not. People will drive over the same pothole and forget about it. Suddenly you draw something amusing around it, everyone sees it and it either gets reported or fixed. It’s… Read More »

Welcome to the Penis Enlargement Forum!

Penis Enlargement Forum (PEF) is your one-stop resource for penis enlargement advice and information. Join our forum to interact with other users just like you and share experiences and knowledge with our friendly community members. You can also read up on the most interesting penis related content from around the web updated daily in our newsfeed. If you have always wanted a website that is interactive and can answer all your questions about all the latest and greatest types of penis enlargement methods, you have come to the right place. And we don’t only cover and discuss penis enlargement. You can find… Read More »