Top 5 Steps to Take for a Bigger Penis in 2015

penis-enlargement-stepsA new year is upon us, and with the new year come resolutions. Promises we make to ourselves to improve in the new year. One of the more talked about resolutions is weight loss or fitness. I am sure we all know someone who has vowed to shed some pounds in 2015. People often love to tell their friends and family what they plan to improve, but this is not always the case, especially with penis enlargement.

There is a notion that a man’s penis size is set in stone, that other than extremely risky surgery there is really nothing someone can do to increase it and must accept it. That could not be further from the truth. There are a lot of steps one can take to increase the size of their penis up to average size and beyond.

Much like exercising at the gym, most of these steps require a committed effort. If you need motivation, just skim through our penis enlargement success stories forum and see just how many real men just like you have achieved penis enlargement gains they never thought were even possible. Other steps require far less effort and can be done in little or no time at all. The good news is that all these are far more effective when practiced in conjunction with one another. If someone were to ask me which of the steps to take, I would reply with as many as you possibly can.

So without further ado let’s jump right in with the top 5 steps to take for a bigger penis in 2015.

STEP ONE: Penile Traction Therapy

penile-traction-therapy-for-peyronies-diseaseThis has to be the most effective way to ensure penis enlargement results. Backed by countless medical studies which can be found all over the internet by using any major search engine, penile traction therapy has been at the forefront of penis enlargement like never before. It doesn’t take so much effort but does require a commitment to using your device regularly for at least 6 months. The most effective and popular penile traction therapy device is the X4 Labs Penis Extender. The reason for this is simple. Customization. If you are ordering a device like this, the first things you should ask yourself is will you fit in the device and will you be comfortable enough to not dread the idea of wearing the device. The answer to both these questions in X4 Labs case are YES! If you take the time to look and compare similar devices you will see that X4 Labs is the ONLY device that allows users to choose the type of strap that they want. Every other device on the market forces users into using either or strap method. Don’t make the mistake of opting for a cheaper device that will be unusable. When it comes to penis enlargement it is a good idea to buy the best available or none at all. Also, make sure you add the InfiniteFit Quad Support System to your extender order to ensure you have all the options you can ever hope for.

STEP TWO: Healthy Diet and Regular Exercise

healthy-diet-erectile-dysfunctionEasier said than done right? Sure, but it is well worth it. Obesity and penis size go hand and hand. Like any other body part, the mid section of a man’s body can be a hot spot for fat. This can take as much as an inch and is some cases even more off a man’s penis size. Losing weight in some cases can make your penis that much bigger. Working out will increase your endurance and make you a better lover. When you think about it, the overall health benefits from this are are not just limited to sexual activity. When you can, go for a walk, ride your bike, hit the treadmill and even pump iron. Furthermore, as people become more and more health conscious there are continuously more delicious healthy food choices out there for any pallet. Point being is, whenever possible make that healthy food choice, take the stairs, your penis will thank you in ways you never even thought possible. This will make you look and feel better. Follow Men’s Health on twitter for great health and exercising tips daily!

STEP THREE: Male Enhancement Pill Supplements

sinrex-male-enhancementBy far the easiest and quickest path to instant penis enlargement results. There has been a boom in recent years of countless pills on the market that all promise the same thing. A bigger penis. This can make choosing the right one more difficult than ever. What you need to look at is the ingredients. Because you are ingesting the product you need to be sure that it is safe and all natural. Don’t kid yourself. There are many ingredients in nature that can help with both erectile dysfunction and penis size. Inspect the ingredients. Research them. Ask your doctor about the ingredients. Sinrex Male Enhancement Supplements are by far the most complete out there. They feature two different pills to be taken daily. Each of these pills serves a different purpose and can do wonders as part of a healthy lifestyle. Also Sinrex increases blood flow to the penis. This makes these pills the ideal companion for all types of other penis enlargement methods. These pills are simple to take and often more affordable than one might think. Do yourself a favor and order a month supply. Within the first couple of days you will see why Sinrex is the leading non-prescription, all natural penis enlargement pill on the market today!

STEP FOUR: Penis Pumps

penis-pump-peyornies-diseaseOver the years penis pumps have become joke props in movies like Austin Powers. But these may be the best kept secret in the penis enlargement world. While pumping alone may prove to be a waste of time, it is the perfect addition to any penis enlargement routine. When a penis is pumped, what happens is it temporarily expands the penis shaft. That is why so many men use their pumps right before sex. To get that extra edge. The problem is, without pumping again, size will go back to normal. However penis pumps are not just for an extra inch by pre-sex pumping. Pumps are ideal for pumping before and after penis extender sessions. That is right. Using a penis pump before and after penile traction therapy can increase the effectiveness substantially. X4 Labs discovered this by running in-house clinical studies. Whenever users reported using pumps as part of their enlargement routines, they showed superior results. What does all this mean? Well it is simple. Pumps can be used to give your penis some instant length and girth but can also be used with penis extenders to help yield permanent length and girth to your penis.

STEP FIVE: Penis Exercising

penis-exercise-dvd-programWhat? Wait? Exercises for your penis? Oh yes. This is a highly method of penis enlargement and an overall great way to strengthen your penis. There are a ton of routines you can find all over the internet with various penis exercises. Just like any other exercise routine it does required time and effort. You will not see results overnight, but boy will you ever see results. These exercises mostly consists of pulling and stretching the penis in various ways. But don’t waste your time gathering a bunch of exercises that you don’t know the effectiveness of. There are pre-designed programs available out there. As a matter of fact one is included with the X4 Labs Premium and Gold Luxury Edition penis extender called PenisAccess. PenisAccess Exercise regimen is designed and outlined specifically to compliment penile traction therapy and various other enlargement methods. They can also be purchased separately on the official PenisAccess website. The package includes a DVD with full exercise tutorials as well as online access to exercise content. There is no doubt that if you have the time, these exercises that make a world of difference and make penis enlargement that much faster.


Measure the size of your penis today. Write it down. Practice all 5 of these methods for the entire year. Share your progress on these forums with other users. Finally remeasure your penis size at the start of next year and marvel at the increase in both length and girth.