Top Doctor Prescribed Micropenis Treatment Device

micro-penis-treatmentThere is no question, looking for a surgery-free alternative for micro-penis treatment is a challenge for doctors. Those with penises under the average length of 4 inches can’t fit in a typical penile traction therapy device. That is until X4 Labs, a major penis extender brand, designed a solution. Their exclusive patent pending Mini Support Piece has made them the top doctor prescribed micropenis treatment device.

While there are tons of people who are near or above average length that want to add inches to their penis size, it is safe to say that those who need it the most are men with micropenis. Micro penis is when an adult penis is less than 2.75 inches in length. Prior to the development of the X4 Labs Mini Support piece, the only other options for treating this other than surgery was hormone treatment.

Both surgery and hormone treatment come with a wealth of negative side-effects and even dangerous consequences. Many doctors and urologists are hesitant to go that route but have had no choice. Times have changed though. I touched base with Adam from X4 Labs, and he told me that they are very proud to report that more and more doctors have contacted them regarding stocking their devices in their offices and looking for discounts they can pass on to their patients.

Getting contacted by doctors is nothing new to us. Most doctors contact us in regards to curvature treatment. In the last year or so, more and more doctors have touched base with us in regards to micro-penis. Look like they are starting to catch on to the advantages of our Mini Support Piece. We couldn’t be happier that we are helping the men who need penis enlargement the most. That is exactly why we designed it.

It is worth noting that the Mini Support Piece is available as an add-on with any X4 Labs Package of your choice. It is made to fit sizes as low as 1 inch. That is pretty amazing customization, which is what they are known for. The X4 Labs Deluxe Edition, paired with the Mini Support can fit ranges between 1 and 12 inches.


If you’re suffering from micropenis and want to learn more about treating it with an X4 Labs device, head on over to the website, choose your favorite package and add the Mini Support or InfiniteFit System to your order or ask your doctor or urologist for more information on treating micro-penis with penile traction therapy device.