Why You Should Pump Before and After Using Your Penis Extender for Optimal Results

faster-penis-enlargement-growth-resultsThere is no question that using a penis extender and a penis pump together in your penis enlargement routine can be very effective. One frequently asked question is what order to use them for optimal results.

Generally speaking, you should use your pump after your extender session. That being said, a quick 2 minute pumping session prior to extending can be beneficial. Doing this can really help with slippage and give you a more solid fit when putting on the extender.

Using your pump after an extender session really helps with blood circulation and recovery. It will definitely expedite results from your penile traction therapy.

Both penis traction therapy and pumping are not just known for enlargement. They are proven to increase blood flow to the penis, which is a common cause of erectile dysfunction. Also, they are often both recommended by doctors and urologists to treat curvature cause by Peyronies Disease. Over time usage will help you experience longer and stronger erections and even straighten the curve of a bent penis.

Penis pumping and extending go hand and hand. They are both effective on their own, but combined the enlargement effects are amplified. X4 Labs has reported that results from using their penis stretchers are increased when paired with pumps. Their in-house clinical studies show that users who opt for both see a 5% to 10% increase in their enlargement rates of growth.

You can add an effective penis pump to any X4 Labs Extender order for under $40 and combine the shipping. These two devices are core elements to any effective penis enlargement routine. You will be glad you did.