X4 Labs Celebrates Their 10 Year Anniversary by Offering Tremendous Savings on Penis Extenders

penis-extender-x4-labsX4 Labs was established in 2005, which makes this year their 10 year anniversary. To show their appreciation, they are now offering extreme discounts on all their penis extenders all month long. To put this in perspective, one Penis Enlargement Forum member got a Gold Luxury Edition Penis Extender with the InfiniteFit Quad Support and payed under $400!

There has literally never been a better time to give penile traction therapy a chance. Whether you are looking for a high quality penis stretcher for enlargement, for curvature, or even both, the time to buy is now.

I spoke to X4 Labs representative Adam Griffin and he says X4 Labs has helped well over 20,000 men achieve penis enlargement gains in length and girth of up to 33% and that is just by counting Clinical Trial participants. He says they intend on helping many, many more in the next 10 years leading up to their 20 year anniversary!

What makes us different, what makes us really special as a company, is that we never stop improving our devices and making them more and more compatible and more and more effective. We have been doing this for a long time. And right now we have more members participating in our clinical trials than ever before. Really exciting stuff.

And when I asked him what they have in store for this, their 10th year in business, things got even more interesting.

We intend on helping users track their progress more accurately than ever. That is all I can say about this right now. But it will be available to both new and existing X4 Labs users. There is plenty of exciting new technology out there and we intend on importing it to the penis enlargement world. I think this could be potentially our biggest year ever, and with our success thus far, that says a lot.

He also went on to tell me about a new extender development that is due out this summer, and I did my best to try and get some information about it out of him, with no luck. He was really tight lipped about it and said I would be the first to know… not good enough Adam, not good enough.

So Happy Birthday X4 Labs! There is a reason we here at Penis Enlargement Forum and so many around the world regard X4 Labs Penis Extenders as the best penile traction devices on the market today, so keep up the good work. Here’s to another 10 great years of enlargement.